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ABOUT - Core Business Improvement Site


Core Business Improvement focuses on furthering an organization’s Core Business Model productively and profitably.


For thirty years business improvement projects have been underperforming and cost organizations billions of dollars and without gaining the expected results.  In overseeing, reviewing, or participating in upwards of sixty business- and technology-improvement projects from all aspects, including strategizing, implementing, and failed project reviews through expert forensics, I have seen a basic element that was common in each failure.


It was not the single aspect of project management, project resources, executive sponsorship, or even requirement’s definition. A common thread was that leadership did not implement a project that empowered the organization’s most basic goal. The most basic goal is the organization’s core business model.  This site is dedicated to turn the failure statistic around with Core Business Improvement methods and approaches.


Strategy / Innovation / Disruption


By using a new type of strategy that integrates Core Business Model methods, organizations can increase their success rate and finally hit their budgets for improvement, innovation or disruptions.


The site has resources to understand, identify, develop and build approaches for successful Core Business Model Focused Improvement.  The site also provides insight into trends for innovation and even industry disruptions with brand new core business models developed by the newest technology.

"I invite you to explore, review and leverage all resources including some of the latest insights from my new book"  
      - David A. Duryea

ABOUT - David A. Duryea


David A. Duryea is business improvement veteran with more than three decades  in business innovation and technology disruption. He has led more than seventy-five business, innovation, and disruption projects in sixteen different industries.  He has served in executive leadership, operational and execution company roles including four green field startups. 


As a legal and forensic expert for technology and business innovation projects, David has performed forensics on under-performing or failed implementations for a multitude of large-scale projects.


An author and speaker on business improvement, he has been featured at Computerworld, InfoWorld, and industry conferences. His articles in the area of advanced innovation, implementation practices a future innovation impact have been featured.


David holds a patent from the United States Patent Office, studies in advanced design  innovation, degrees in business administration and computer science, MBA with innovation, strategy, and certifications in a multitude of industry focus areas.

Professional Motto - Always thinking, always inventing, always solving - for excellence


David is married with eight children, five of whom were adopted from China. He and his family live near Cleveland, Ohio. When not studying the intricacies of business improvement, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, baseball, coaching, and investing time in activities with his wife and children.

Now Leaders have clarity in how to improve their organizations with Core Business Improvement. 

Strategy | Innovation | Disruption

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