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Do The Right Thing

In Business Improvement Including Process And Technology


The Latest Offering to Achieve True Business Improvement Focusing On An Organization's Core Business Model

"This book should be mandatory reading and part of every business professional's bookshelf."
      - Hugh Ballou
       International Transformational Leader
"This book is a must-read for any business professional wanting to do what’s best for leading your company to the next level."
      - Bill Blankschean
Writer / Strategist / Businessman
"As a business lawyer for the past 18 years practicing in three different states, I highly recommend this book not only to my clients but also to anyone in business looking to increase productivity."
      - Partner Attorney
Leading Law Firm

Drive Your Company's True Performance Focused on The Core Business Model



Kirkus Reviews - "Succinct and skillfully written;  an eye-opener for business leaders."



Do The Right Thing in Business Improvement is a thought provoking and disruptive perspective on business improvement, presenting in a very clear way how to understand, embrace, and obtain performance. Discovered by expert forensics and three decades of practical implementation, the book clearly explains business performance in a holistic approach that starts at the core of a business and drives all the way through successful initiatives.

The Core Business Model is at the center of all successful improvement.  It is the essences of the enterprise.  It is the reason an organization exists to serve their customers productively and profitably.  Embrace the core business model and a fierce organization will bust the market with other competitors wondering how your organization performs for your customers.



"Core Business Improvement focuses on furthering an organization’s Core Business Model productively and profitably."



By using this new type of strategy that integrates Core Business Improvement methods, organizations can increase their success rate and finally hit their improvement and innovation projects targets.  This method will also help companies defy the next economic downturn, incubate a new venture, or re-invent an existing product so your organization will achieve the next level of performance.


Drive your company to be an industry leader. If you are in any way involved in your company’s business improvement as a business professional, technology manager, or engaged executive leader you will find this book will be successful, reality based, and ultimately the right thing for your company.


Strategy / Innovation / Disruption



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Clarity in productive and profitable performance

with Core Business Improvement. 

Strategy | Innovation | Disruption

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