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Perspectives On Core Business Improvement

Strategy, Innovation, and Disruptions

Leveraged For Core Business Improvement




Strategy redefined with methods for core business improvement.


The Core Business Model is the essence of the enterprise.  It is the reason an organization exists: to serve customers uniquely productively and profitably. CBM provides the focus and goal for all business initiatives. 


New Strategy, New Resources.  To leverage this approach a new strategy is required and these resources help integrate core business improvement into any organization's strategy process.

Jump Start Your Improvement Strategy with "Do The Right Thing In Business Improvement"

An Innovation Reformation occurs when focused on an organization's core business model.


Core Business Innovation

Innovation targeted at the core of an operation will cause a reformation that alters culture, generate new products and renovates services for your customers.   


New Direction.  When a new direction for your company is required, innovation is at the center.  This is where core business innovation will drive new customer models, business operations, and performance in a brand new way. A reformation will begin.


The Reformation.  Your innovation reformation begins with core business clarity.  A company needs to understand exactly how their core will change and it's innovation acuity. Then how to leverage technology, methods, and procedures will be in lock step with your organization's core business model.

Disruption - When a core business innovation produces a new core business model.


Disruption occurs when an innovation, method or a new product generates a new core business model that changes or creates an industry.  A core business innovation will completely change the way you interact and serve your customer in a profitable way. 


Disruption Excites an Industry.  Core business innovation excites and industry with innovation, methods, or new products that can turn a market upside down.   Companies either follow, merge or will cease to exist from the pressure of not competing with the new disruption.  Core Business Disruptions need champions for market realization. 


Market Disruption - When A New Core Business Model Is Formed

Do The Right Thing put a new perspective on business innovation and disruption initiatives.  There are many aspects to consider for sound strategy.  This book explains business improvement in a holistic approach that starts with the core of a business and drives all the way through successful improvement initiatives. The information provides all the aspects and thought provoking perspectives for an organization's complete strategy development for innovation and disruption.

Innovation - Core Business Reformation  Looking for a significant organizational change?  This Insight Paper focuses on the two major items for an innovation so impactful that it causes a core business reformation. 

Innovation - Core Business Reformation For Your Organization

Innovation - Core Business Reformation  Insight Paper

Disruptions - Where It Starts  

Many organizations started with innovation disruptions.  Follow the history of some disruptions and how these organizations are still impacting their industry with innovative core business models. 

Disruptions - Markets Ready For A Big Change

Disruption – A New Core Business Model 

Influencers of a Core Business Model - The Missing Success Factor in Strategy

Influencers of  the Core Business Model is the single most overlooked aspect when developing an improvement strategy.  This Insight Paper helps identify and consider the influencers that could enhance or destroy your orgnaization's operation. 

 Core Business Model  Influencers  

 Insight Paper

Be Ready For Enterprise Innovation

Be Ready for Innovation  Your organization needs to be ready to implement innovation that focuses on your core business model.    This Insight Paper highlights what happens when other companies did not and what you can do about being ready for impactful innovation.

Be Ready For Enterprise Innovation

Insight Paper

Waiting Disruptions  Markets ready for a big change. Thought provoking selection of emerging and in-waiting disruptions. Covered are disruptions in life insurance, real estate, transportation, energy and analytics industries.  Join me in exploring these new and emerging disruptive core business operations.  

Disruptions - Markets Ready For A Big Change

Clarity on obtaining productive and profitable performance for your Core Business Model. 

Strategy | Innovation | Disruption

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