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Executive Professional Endorsement - Do The Right Thing

August 31, 2015

Do The Right Thing In Business Improvement offers a provocative take on business improvement to help organizations generate true bottom-line value and profitability. His perspectives cut through all other improvement methods and get to the core of true business improvement. Strategy, operations, and information technology -- Mr. Duryea provides a clear, step-by-step step approach that connects all levels of business performance.

This book offers a breath of fresh air, innovation, and relief from the plague of failed projects. David A Duryea challenges and provides a thought provoking view on business improvement. It is a welcome perspective to help executives achieve true
business improvement and performance.

Chi Vanlang – Former Executive for GE, American Express and Gartner

Janet Parshall At the Cleveland City Mission

November 07, 2015

Met Janet at the Cleveland city mission for a journalisum and radio summit.  

Target Release - Do The Right Thing

November 30, 2015

The launch of the latest book Do The Right Thing In Business Improvement Including Process And Technology.  I am very excited about this new book.  It will help many business and innovation professionals get the most from their investments but most of all attain the business desired results.  That means better usage of capital dollars and more service for their customers.  Check out the book page on the site for book sellers and online resources.  - David A. Duryea

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Let's gain a clear understanding on how to obtain productive and profitable performance with Core Business Improvement. 

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