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Why Does Marissa Mayer Want to Give Everyone at Yahoo an iPhone?

After reading this article in Business Insider (August 2012), I think a lot of people might be asking the same question. Why does Marissa Mayer want to give everyone at Yahoo an iPhone?

Marissa has the daunting task of turning around a company that has lost its way. Yahoo once was the company to be beaten. It was the company that had the internet business that everyone was looking for and building towards success goals. Somehow Yahoo slowly day by day lost its way.

Now instead of looking forward the company was looking at the backs of companies that have surpassed its presence. It needs to get back to understanding who the customer is and what the market needs and wants of Yahoo's services. So you ask why… I think what Marissa is doing is very obvious, she is getting Yahoo’s foundations back. She knows instinctively that the company has no focus, goal or core business model.

Marissa is trying to get the employee's of Yahoo to refocus on innovation and try to get the core fired up again. Back to foundations and ignite the fire that once made Yahoo the great company that it was. But without Yahoo finding a core business model the company will flounder and most likely be sold off. I hope that does not happen and only time will tell if Ms. Mayer can pull it off.

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