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Yes - IT Process Is Business Process

There are no shortage of opinions on improving IT operations these days. But the real issue is understanding which improvement strategy would result in the greatest enterprise impact. To understand a IT strategy, an executive must first understand that IT operation or more specific IT process is a business process.

For some this is a difficult reality. Technology is to improve an organization. An IT department must know how a technology improvement process will impact their organization. Before services from an IT operation are implemented, a technologist must become a business focused practitioner. Interesting fact, this is difficult for technology professionals to think like a business person. In fact, some of the most difficult process implementations have been for the IT department. Why, IT does not consider their operations as a business process.

One very good way for technology to understand how to view IT operations as business is to use their own techniques. As stated in the article “Lessons in IT Innovation From Silicon Valley” by Harvard Business Review, they highlight the perspective of turning IT into an Agile Business Process. Now, IT organizations can relate with that perspective. Developing their own operation in a matter that leverages the same methods they use in their own organization.

This is a winning combination. A method for an IT organization to use the same methods and innovation within its own department. Once an IT operation sees itself as another business operation it can then start to perform in a matter that is furthering their organization. Yes, then IT can truly see IT process as business process.

A check list to help kick start an IT operation as a business operation:

  • What is your organization’s core business model (uniquely serving customer profitably)?

  • How are your current IT operations assisting enablement of your own business processes?

  • Leverage the most successful practices in your IT operations.

  • Deployment practices based on the most important enablement of your organization’s core business model.

  • Form all IT operations around your newly formed internal best operational practices.

  • Implement with the same practices used by your organization’s project management office.

Now you can innovate just as you would for your own business operation.

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